Monday, June 22, 2009

The Truth About Testimonials.

Who is the easiest person in the world to sell to? That's an easy question to answer, yet one most business owners, unfortunately never ask themselves.

You see...the easiest person to sell to is one you've sold to before. It's someone who already trusts you, someone who's already had a "Wow" experience with your company. Tony Alessandra called this creating "Moments of Magic" for your customers. Usually, it's someone who is willing to give you a testimonial...if you ask for it. But, you have to ask for it!

Tony also said, "The very best time to ask for a testimony or a referral is when the sale is made."

Here are 4 quickfire ways to build your store of testimonials like crazy:

  • Use industry endorsements and/or respected experts

  • Put together user groups

  • Create a feedback form on your website

  • Ask directly, and then help your clients write the testimonial
One of my favorite ways to get testimonials is a trick I learned from my friend, Clate Mask at Infusionsoft. When a customer tells you something great about your product or service, ask this golden question, "Can I quote you on that?" Then write up their quote, email it to them for their approval, and voila! You've got a great testimonial!

Why are testimonials so powerful? Because, what someone else says about you is much more believable than what you say about yourself. If you're talking about your own business, you're bound to say how good it is. Everyone expects it, and no one really believes it. But if someone else raves about your business...then it's a whole different ball game.

So, if you don't have need them fast!

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