Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Instant Gratification of an Autoresponder

As you are very much aware, consumers today are eager to receive fast, efficient service. Whether it is the fault of the Internet, a characteristic of the rising generation, or some other reason, swift responses to customers and prospects has become an absolute must for small business owners.

An autoresponder is the perfect solution for small business owners who have more to do than simply respond to inquiries all day. The benefits of an autoresponder are clear.

1. They give your customers and prospects a swift response. Just because you don't have time to answer an email right away doesn't mean you won't get to it later. Give your customer the immediate response they are looking for without having to stop what you're doing.

2. They inform your customers and prospects of your absence. Feel like taking a vacation? An autoresponder is the perfect way to redirect your contacts to someone who can meet their needs, or lets them know when you'll be back. Customers will excuse absences. They are less likely to accept no response at all.

3. They can answer some of your prospects and customers questions for you. What are the most common questions your contacts ask you about your products or services? Often times, an autoresponder can take care of the mundane task of repeatedly answering the same questions.

4. They let customers and prospects know when a payment has been received. Do you sell online? Whenever your contacts make an online payment, your autoresponder can let them know that their credit card was successfully processed. (Which of course eases any concerns.)

With an autoresponder, YOU decide when to get back to your customers and prospects...but you get to respond on their timetable.